Berchtesgaden National Park Germany

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Berchtesgaden National Park Germany

The Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria in south-eastern Germany is one of the ancient nature reserves in the Alps. It offers tourists the chance to view a charming part of the Berchtesgaden Alps where nature has established freely, mostly without human effect. The breathtaking Alpine landscape is formed above all of limestone dregs.

Guided or sovereign walks in the national park are outstanding ways to see this idyllic landscape with its rocky peaks, scree rock, Alpine fields and forests of mountain pines and lush green alders. One essential part of this tour is to visit Lake Königssee, which cuts like a fjord among Mount Watzmann, called the "sea of rocks" zone and the Hagen Mountains. The lake water is of outstanding quality and suitable for drinking, a sign of how unspoilt the national park range is.

The diversity of the Berchtesgadener Land district is mirrored by its wildlife. Alpine species like the ibex, the marmot, the eagle, the blue hare and the Alpine salamander all exist here in the wild. The golden eagle, still, is now a very rare view indeed. The flora in the national park is similarly varied and contains the Pyrenean dead-nettle, Hausmann's peak jasmine and the dwarf Alpine rose. After a long day hiking, climbing or skiing, tourists can head for a mountain inn or a hut providing a place to enjoy some stunning hospitality and regional cooking.

  •  The Eagle's Nest
  •  Jenner cable car
  •  Obersalzberg documentation centre
  •  Berchtesgaden visitor salt mine
  •  Watzmann thermal baths
  •  Lake Königssee
  •  Berchtesgaden Palace
  •  Marktschellenberg ice cave


The national park provide a wide variety of tours. The Jenner cable car, which voyages to an altitude of 1,800 metres to the border of the national park, is particularly popular. On the Alpine trails and mountain climbs at this height, tourists can actually relax, enjoy the peace and quiet and appreciate the beauty of the scenery. The national park also organises walks for medical point of views.

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