Mehndi Designs - The Beauty of Body Art

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Mehndi Designs - The Beauty of Body Art

On a broad basis, Mehndi designs are of two types - Indian and Arabic. While Indian designs are more complex, Arabic designs are bolder. Indian designs consist of fine work which fills your whole palm. Peacocks, mango flowers and leaves are some of the most common figures used in Indian styles. Indian bridal mehndi is much extra intricate. Usually, the groom's name is artistically unseen on the bride's palm a midst the elaborate designs. Also, images of marriage processions complete with bridal palanquin, groom on the horse, musical tools and musicians playing traditional instruments are drawn on the hands. A bridal design generally extends up to the elbows or even higher. Another common practice in bridal Indian designs is depiction of sacred images. The complete hand is filled with beautiful designs and almost no part of the hand is left empty.

Arabic mehndi designs are very changed. Typically, there is not much difficulty in these designs, bold outlines are drawn and the inner space is filled with lines and spots. Flowers and mango shaped designs are the most generally used. Quite in compare to Indian designs, the Arabic ones do not cover the whole hand. Some part of the hand is left empty. The attractiveness of these designs comes out because of these blank places which highlight the bold designs. Arabic designs are usually applied for festivals and functions.

The most common design of the recent times is the blending between Indian and Arabic styles, known as Indo-Arabic mehndi. Bold Arabic figures are first drawn and the inside space is filled with intricate Indian designs. These hybrid designs are extremely eye catchy and unique. More and more people favor these designs now since they look chic, yet ethnic and modern.

Traditionally, application of mehndi is very significant. Apart from being very appealing visually, the herb has solid medicinal properties. Being powerfully antiseptic in nature, mehndi protects against infections. This is the reason why mehndi is applied on the palms and feet of brides and their friends. Absolutely, we wouldn't want the bride and groom to fall sick prior to wedding. The same applies to ceremonies and functions.
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