New Zealand Attractions

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful, photogenic and welcoming country proposing visitors unbeatable changes for adventure and exploration. The rocky islands are home to dense native forests, mountains, beaches, glaciers, warm air regions and creeks that have been well-preserved by the environmentally-conscious government and nation. New Zealand is a country where old-fashioned Maori culture mixes with modernity in cosmopolitan cities, attractive villages and vast expanses of untouched wilderness. Pristine and heavenly, the island nation has something for everybody, including the following top tourist attractions in New Zealand.

10. Coromandel Peninsula:

9. Abel Tasman National Park:

8. Sky Tower:

7. Napier Art Deco:

6. Kaikoura:

5. Franz Josef Glacier:

4. Rotorua:

3. Tongariro National Park:

2. Bay of Islands:

1. Milford Sound:

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